106, 2015

Positivity – Loving yourself first

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When Ashleigh sent me her contribution to the positivity series my immediate thought was of how brave she was to share her story. She has overcome a lot and has learned to recognise and love who she is as a person, underneath the masks that she has carried for a long time. I know first […]

3005, 2015

Positivity – Finding your WHY

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Have you ever started a diet or training program that only works for a short time? Before long you return to old behavioural habits that have you feeling like a failure and wondering whether you’ll ever be able to reach your goals. It can be very difficult to focus on the daily habits that lead […]

1605, 2015

From pretending to authentic positivity

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When you’re a Personal Trainer and working with people to motivate them, asking them to push themselves out of their comfort zone, you need to use all kinds of strategies so they can achieve their best. But what happens if you don’t believe the things you’re saying? Today Sam talks about exactly this. When he started […]

2311, 2014

Stress and Movement

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Moving your body.

Do you do it? How often and what kind do you do? What kinds of movement are there?

In no particular order, let’s list just a few things as they come into my head …

Walking, running, sex, yoga, tai chi, weight lifting, boxing, self-defense, dancing, gardening, swimming, ball games, playing chasey, creating a snow […]

2510, 2014

Boosting self-esteem through physical activity

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As the next in our series of guest posts on self-esteem I’d like to introduce you to Glenda. As a clinical nutritionist, neuroscientist, Personal Trainer and Positive Wellbeing Coach, she knows a little something about healthy living. She has joined us today to talk about how you can boost your self-esteem by moving your body. And […]

1110, 2014

What does it mean to have self-esteem?

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Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce you all to Sharon, who is an interior designer and Life Coach. She has had some pretty intense experiences in her life and her self-esteem has been impacted as a result. She has made big changes in her life and now she does what she loves in a beautiful […]

2008, 2013

The “battlefield” in your head

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I’ve been thinking about this post for a little while now and what it needs to include. I have had a couple of people ask me for some tips on how to combat the battle they have in their heads about what they put in their mouths.

High fat, high sugar, high carb, versus low-fat, no […]