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The Mindset Effect was born on an ordinary morning in February 2013 when the concept walked into my head as I was getting ready for work. The image in my mind was fully formed and the long term vision was completely clear. My aim in creating this site is to enable easy access to information that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to rise above your struggles and create the life you deserve – a life of fulfilment, personal power, love and joy.

Some of my highlights

Hi, my name is Ali. I’m a counsellor working in the community services field. I have 12 years of practical counselling experience and have worked with a wide variety of individuals, including some of the most vulnerable people in the community.I qualified as a classroom teacher after obtaining an education degree. I then decided to further my education by undertaking a degree in psychology. I’ve always been deeply passionate about psychology and the fundamental workings of the human mind. I began my Master’s of Applied Psychology in 2013 with the intention of using my knowledge to empower others to overcome their limitations, fulfil their potential, and ultimately live their lives with passion, purpose, wisdom and the awakened power to materialise their dreams.