I’m standing on the edge of a high rise about to leap off the side. I know I’m ready to step into the air because my wings are waiting, fully built, ready to unfurl and take me flying.

But there’s something stopping me from lifting my foot and leaning forward into the freefall. It’s like there’s an invisible wall extending up in front of me into the sky. I can see through it, I know the flight will take me to my destiny. I’m certain of that. I know it in my heart and feel it in my bones. But I can’t step off the edge.
I know I need to take action on making my dreams a reality. I know those dreams are my purpose and by acting I move toward them.
I wonder what that invisible wall is made of. Fear. Self-doubt. Anxiety. Vulnerability. The self-doubt can be paralysing.
By taking that step over the edge I make the choice to open myself up to ridicule. What if people don’t want what I have to offer? What if what I have to offer isn’t helpful for the people who need it? The self-talk is repetitive, annoying and on some level so frequent that I barely notice its presence.
By remaining where I am I get to stay inside my bubble of comfort. And I don’t get to live the joyful, fulfilling life I know to be my destiny.
So I need to make a conscious choice. Leap and fly, or stay and settle. The thing is, with all the work I’ve done so far to heal my life, I know my spirit won’t let me stay in the bubble. At some point I’ll reach a tipping point where I’ll need to make a choice on how I’m going to push through the fear and self-doubt. I won’t procrastinate forever, because I know the pain of staying here will become greater than the pain of taking action. That’s how mindset works. I’ve learned it in my studies and in my experiences. I WILL move.
The self-doubt in my life has always kept me inside my cave, afraid to leave it and anxious about what might happen if I do. I’ve discovered over time that some wonderful things can happen. You can heal past hurts if you’re brave enough to dig deep to figure out what and where they are. You can discover talents and skills you never thought you were capable of. You can realise that you are lovable, worthy and enough, simply because you exist. Simply because you breathe the air. You can figure out that you can make a difference in people’s lives by sharing the rawness and realness of your experiences. You can find out that there is so much to be grateful for in your world that it fills your heart to overflowing. And you can ultimately find your purpose. The reason you were put on this earth.
I’ve done all of these things, and more, in the last few years. I know that to achieve all of them I’ve had to ask myself some tough questions. I’ve had to get brave and courageous.
I’ve learned the difference between the voices of my ego and my heart.
I’ve learned to speak the language of my mind, my body and my spirit. To differentiate between them, to hear them, listen closely and honour their messages.
I’ve learned to call myself out on my own bullshit.
I’ve learned to dig deep into the wounds of my heart and filter out what wasn’t mine and what was.
I’ve learned to get incredibly brave and push through the barriers of my comfort zone so I can prove to myself, show myself concrete evidence, that it’s possible and that I can do it. Of everything I’ve done, this one has probably been the hardest.
I’ve taken time out to adjust to new ways of being before I embark on the next step. Rest and recovery are essential.
I’ve educated myself on how my mind, body and spirit work: separately and together. And I use that information to my advantage.
I’ve shown myself kindness and compassion.

I’ve learned the art of self-care.
I’ve created new data files on who I am and who I want to be. On new behaviours, new ways of thinking, new ways of coping, and new ways of being.
So, as I prepare to step off the edge of this high rise into freefall, I remind myself of these things:
• I’ve done it before and can do it again.
• This is my destiny and purpose.
• My wings are ready and waiting for me to trust them. They are in full working order.
• Action is the next step in meeting my future.
• This current state of being (sitting in fear) is temporary. I will move forward, and it will be soon.
• It’s safe for me to share my truth and beauty with the world. Doing so will help me to grow, learn more about myself and to create the reality of my future.

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