You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.

– Joyce Meyer

There’s a lot of talk around these days about the need to keep things positive in your life. Much of the personal development industry is based around positivity and the global multi-billion dollar revenue seems to indicate its success. I’m sure it’s not an exaggeration to say that millions of people make a good living from positivity.

Coaches, psychologists, counsellors, personal trainers, managers, athletes, CEO’s. Even medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and physical therapists all make money by supporting others to better themselves in some way.

So what does positivity actually entail? What is it, how does it work, and how can it help you, an ordinary person leading an everyday life?

Have you ever been around people who complain all the time, so that by the time you walk away from them you feel completely exhausted? Have you found yourself feeling out of sorts and not knowing which way to turn after being told your work isn’t good enough? Have you felt like screaming at the littlest things when a series of events turn out wrong?

Whether you grew up in a household where everything was designed to keep you down, or life circumstances have crept up to drag you down, when you’re in a negative cycle it’s unlikely to feel good. It may feel pretty horrible, actually.

You feel like you’ll never be able to find your way out of the hole and that nothing will ever go right for you. You may talk to yourself about how you’re useless and worthless. You crave a better situation and life. And yet you feel like you’ll never be motivated to get out into the world to change things for the better. You don’t know how or even if, it can be done.

It can be done.

With small steps and specific strategies, it is possible for you to turn things around. I know, I’ve done it.

The first step is to recognise when you’re being influenced by negativity. Feeling down on yourself and your abilities is a sure sign that you’re being impacted. And if the people around you engage in complaints and other negative comments (about you or others), chances are that it will affect you in some way.

Changing the habits can be challenging. It takes a lot of hard work and repetition over a period of time, but if you’re willing to put the work in, the rewards could transform your life.

I’ll be taking you through a series of brand new blog posts about positivity. I thought the best way to help you understand how positivity could work for you in your life, would be to show you some real life examples. The people you’re about to meet are everyday people, just like you. They have families and careers. Some are business people and entrepreneurs. Others are parents and students. All are doing the same thing you are – working on figuring out how to get through life the best they know how. Figuring things out one day at a time, learning new things to help them live a happier life.

So please join me over the next month (or so) as these people share their stories of how various aspects of positivity have helped them make their lives better.

At the end I’ll come back and bring it all together, collating a list of techniques that you can choose from. I’ll also talk about how you can take these strategies and implement them in a way that can work for you, at your own pace.

These strategies are some of the best things I have ever chosen in my life to help me transform it into a much richer place to live. So I’m excited to be sharing these strategies with you.