The first guest post for our amazing series on positivity is from Leanda. She has done guest posts for us before on the old blog so when we put the call out for contributions for this series she jumped at the chance, once again providing The Mindset Effect with great support. Leanda is an author and Sound Reiki practitioner from Melbourne and while she makes a living teaching people how to create peace and calm, like all of us, she still has moments where she needs to remind herself to use the tools she has available. Here she shares a story about how she listened and took action on a gut feeling that she would have once ignored.


Have you ever seen an advertisement for something and thought, ‘Ooh, I’d like to give that a go?’

Many walk away and let this thought go. Imagine this thought was a lightbulb, what might it be attempting to illuminate?

This happened to me a few weeks ago. To give you a little backstory, I moved to a new town and was looking at ways to seek interested participants in my writing workshops. Walking the few streets of this village I found a noticeboard where I could advertise my service.

Of course, when one is standing in front of a noticeboard you’re going to read it. What stood out from the various pieces of paper was an A4 sheet with bold plain letters, Qigong Classes Beachside.


I had a vague idea of what Qigong was… a mix of Tai Chi and breathwork. Whether it was the lure of a romanticised idea of doing flowing movements on the sand and having the sea breeze brush my face, or not, there was a reason for this attraction. The only way I would to be able to understand what this meant was to book a session and attend.

I took immediate action and sent a text message. A friendly reply arrived a little while later. I soon learned the first big bonus was that the initial session was free! What an incentive to give this ‘unknown’ a go.

Of course, my mind did attempt to talk me out of it.

It incurs a fee. If I don’t enjoy it then I will have wasted my money. What will I gain from this? I might meet like-minded people… bonus. Yes, but I already have a daily yoga regime, isn’t that enough? And I tone daily and balance my chakras with Sound Reiki. I have a healthy and balanced diet too. Aren’t I attending to all that I need to, to live a balanced life? I mean, what could Qigong possibly offer?

The first session ‘at the beach’ was relocated to the instructor’s home. I had gone to the beach to meet them and had left my phone in the car. I could easily have stayed at the beach and gone for a walk instead. I nearly did! Yet something didn’t feel right about this choice, so I went back to my car to check my phone and sure enough there was the redirection message.

I’m glad I made the effort to attend. By the session’s end I recognised that I was holding onto tension, specifically in the shoulders. The referral of this tension was an old holding pattern of behaviour, to shield my heart centre.

Leanda qigong2

Come week two and again my mind was suggesting I do other things with my valuable time. Yet when I muscle-checked what my divine right course of action was for my day, I was led to attend the Qigong class. [Another name for muscle-checking is Applied Kinesiology used by Sound Reikiâ practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths and others.]

Again I was grateful I went. In fact, this time I was overjoyed. A rather magical breakthrough in my grounding occurred, whereby the flow of energy and connection at my heart centre resulted in visualising the most amazing vivid red behind my closed eyes.

Receiving confirmation for doing something that assists you to move forward makes you feel good. It raises your sense of self-worth because you honoured the thought that magically appeared and took action.

If we are to take the next step we have to be willing, whereby to be… in a state of knowing that this lightbulb moment could have grounds worth researching, and willing… to step outside our comfort zone and have a go at something we’ve not tried before.

Qigong happened to be the step on my journey that I needed to take, to fully embrace how I’m feeling at any given moment. It’s like seeing the trailer of a movie; the trailer is ‘I’m witness to my physical body’, and the movie is that which directly relates to my mental and emotional body. For all physical conditions stem from the mind and the emotions.

What’s uncanny about this is I wrote at length about tuning into ones feelings in my book Write to Heal. Qigong has added another level to my understanding of this.

Can you recall any lightbulb moments where you wanted to have a go at something? Do you still have thoughts about these?

Are you willing to ask, “What step will assist me to move forward now”?

Leanda qigong1

Be willing to take a chance and see where it leads. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sure, it may take courage and action, yet you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go.



Leanda Michelle


Bio: Leanda Michelle is the author and facilitator of Write to Heal. She shares writing prompts based on information shared in her book. Leanda is also the sole Sound Reikiâ Practitioner in Australia. Like Plato, she values the good the true and the beautiful. You can find out more about Leanda Michelle at

**Photos were taken with permission from Open Sky Qigong, Victoria**